About Earth Advantage

Earth Advantage® is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on helping to create an informed and humane residential real estate marketplace that: Acknowledges both the climate impacts of housing and the impact climate has on housing; Provides all homebuyers and renters with access to sustainability-related information about a home; Supports equitable housing outcomes, protecting those most vulnerable from the effects of climate change, and; Recognizes both the personal and societal value that climate-friendly housing creates. Earth Advantage's team is located across five states with a headquarters in downtown Portland, Oregon in the PAE Living Building. The organization’s commitment to carbon reduction strategies is demonstrated by the 17,000+ individuals who have participated in Earth Advantage training, the approximately 4,000 high-performance residential units certified each year by our green building team, the 30,000+ homes with a verified Home Energy Score, and the over 2 million homes contained in our Green Building Registry.

Our Work

Earth Advantage is helping to create an INFORMED AND HUMANE residential real estate marketplace through: 

Home Standards: Delivering the use of credible, nationally-applicable standards that document the climate and health impacts of a home. 

Home Data: Enabling the disclosure of verified climate-related information in residential real estate transactions.

Workforce Training: Advancing the development of a knowledgeable and diverse workforce to help build, remodel, sell, and lease climate-friendly homes.

Climate Justice: Addressing climate vulnerability through direct services, advocacy, and finance system reform. 

Our Approach

Build and reinforce strategic partnerships with organizations with national reach and influence.  

Support BIPOC-led organizations to amplify the equity implications of our shared work.

Promote, deliver, and innovate on industry-recognized, national standards in markets across the United States

Inform local and state policy decision-making to create building decarbonization outcomes

Democratize access to home performance data based on a philosophy of public accessibility.  

Our Core Values

We Live and Breathe Sustainability
We practice what we teach, and teach what we practice.

We Focus on the We
It’s not about us. We believe in the power of collaboration, partnerships, and superior service.

We Believe in Equitable Climate Action Now
We seek to advance both market-driven and systemic change to create tangible climate progress centered in equity. 

We Are Pragmatic Advocates
We solve problems by identifying weaknesses in  systems and then deliver solutions that create systemic resiliency.  
We Put Transparency First
We believe that systems function most effectively when complete information is available to decision-makers.  

We Believe in Our People
We support our people in becoming the best version of themselves. We recognize that our collective strength lies in supporting continual learning, providing an opportunity for growth, and fostering a supportive team environment.